Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Utility Room

Ok, so I admit...I am IN LOVE with my new utility room BUT it does need some a lot of work. How can you go wrong will all this space though really?! The amount of storage is heavenly. I would like to paint the cupboards white and replace the countertops, paint the green wall some other color, and replace the flooring more than anything. I also saw an idea on pinterest, where someone took pallets and placed them under their washer/dryer. I'm thinking we could do that too, for cheap!
We replaced the window coverings right away, before moving in. This room has a total of 3 windows. One window had a sheet, used as a curtain. The big window had a big rolling shade (I don't even know what they are called...off to google that in a minute) but it was in the house for years so that had to come down right away. I found these big wooden blinds at Goodwill, still in the box for $9.99 each. Yes, that's right...$9.99! I LOVE finding good deals. As a matter of fact, thrifting is my true passion in life. Mike cut the blinds down using his own table saw. Total cost on window coverings for this room was $40 plus tax :) Woot Woot!


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