Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Easton's Room

My handsome boys

Love the big closet, but the doors dont' stay on track & need to be replaced

This is the original crib set that I bought while pregnant with Ryder, nearly 3 yrs ago... but having 2 babies close in age I quickly learned that functionality outweighs everything. Anyone with me on this one? ;) BUT if I  have a girl, the CUTENESS would come screaming out of the nursery... guaranteed!

As I mentioned before, this room had a bright red wall and three walls that were a taupe color. I kept one wall taupe and painted the other 3 walls this baby blue color. We put the molding up around the floor boards right away (which changed the look dramatically). Like the kitchen and utility room, Easton's room came fully equipped with  this type of roller shade (both windows). I LOVE the look of big, thick wood blinds so they got replaced right away ;)

Upcoming Projects for E's room:
1.Wall Art (thanks to Pinterest, I have soooo many ideas!)
2. Paint the built-in shelf white, change out the hardware or spray paint with ORB, and take down the peg board.
3. Paint the closet a different color (any ideas?) & replace the doors
4. Hang up the valances that came with the Crib set


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