Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The Kitchen

The big project for this room is to paint the cupboards WHITE. I've found some really good tutorials on Pinterest and went ahead and bought all the materials needed at Ace Hardware. So, soon this will be a WHITE kitchen with new countertops...and possibly new stainless steel appliances.
We replaced an old green hood fan (above stove) right away. The old one was gross and didn't have a light. I MUST have a light for cooking. Is it because my eyes are bad? ;)

See that big white wall? I can't wait to fill in that space but I want whatever it is to be PERFECT. I'm thinking "HOUSE RULES" would look great there. I will post pics of an updated wall soon. As I was looking at this, I can't believe the light switch cover looks like THAT. My electrician of a husband has not changed it out yet. *sigh*  I'll cut him some slack, though ;)
We replaced the window coverings in this room before moving in. Like the utility room, the big window had a roll down window covering and the window above the sink had...nothing.
Bakers rack that we've toted around from house to house fit perfectly in that space. Glad I kept it!
More *updated* pictures to come...so stay tuned!


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