Friday, December 2, 2011

I love this boy

...enough said!

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Crock Pot Hawaiian BBQ Chicken

Inspired by this blog :)
~ Super fast, easy and yummy!

Easton's Room

My handsome boys

Love the big closet, but the doors dont' stay on track & need to be replaced

This is the original crib set that I bought while pregnant with Ryder, nearly 3 yrs ago... but having 2 babies close in age I quickly learned that functionality outweighs everything. Anyone with me on this one? ;) BUT if I  have a girl, the CUTENESS would come screaming out of the nursery... guaranteed!

As I mentioned before, this room had a bright red wall and three walls that were a taupe color. I kept one wall taupe and painted the other 3 walls this baby blue color. We put the molding up around the floor boards right away (which changed the look dramatically). Like the kitchen and utility room, Easton's room came fully equipped with  this type of roller shade (both windows). I LOVE the look of big, thick wood blinds so they got replaced right away ;)

Upcoming Projects for E's room:
1.Wall Art (thanks to Pinterest, I have soooo many ideas!)
2. Paint the built-in shelf white, change out the hardware or spray paint with ORB, and take down the peg board.
3. Paint the closet a different color (any ideas?) & replace the doors
4. Hang up the valances that came with the Crib set

Inexpensive Wall Arrangement

Materials used~
1. Frames/Pictures
2. Ribbon
3. Scrapbook Paper Pack
4. Monogramed letters
5. White Paint Pen
6. Spray paint

 materials on hand: glue, hammer, nails, scissors

A better view

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Living Room

don't mind the vacuum ;)...had to quickly take a pic, before the boys' destruction took place

Hubby was able to hang the TV and hide all the cords. The DVR box, DVD player & VCR in the office around the corner (in a cabinet) It worked perfectly!


As you walk out of the kitchen you enter the living room. It's pretty big so I divided it up by having this  (off to the right) more like a sitting area. We bought this futon off of Craigslist for $40 :)
I have a plan for something above those pictures. EEK...;) And I would love to paint the bult-in china hutch some other color.

Another view of the living room. I want to get the mirror framed ( a big, black, thick frame is what I'm thinking...) It has been in the house since hubby was a  little boy so we couldn't part with it (plus, I really like it).

The Kitchen

The big project for this room is to paint the cupboards WHITE. I've found some really good tutorials on Pinterest and went ahead and bought all the materials needed at Ace Hardware. So, soon this will be a WHITE kitchen with new countertops...and possibly new stainless steel appliances.
We replaced an old green hood fan (above stove) right away. The old one was gross and didn't have a light. I MUST have a light for cooking. Is it because my eyes are bad? ;)

See that big white wall? I can't wait to fill in that space but I want whatever it is to be PERFECT. I'm thinking "HOUSE RULES" would look great there. I will post pics of an updated wall soon. As I was looking at this, I can't believe the light switch cover looks like THAT. My electrician of a husband has not changed it out yet. *sigh*  I'll cut him some slack, though ;)
We replaced the window coverings in this room before moving in. Like the utility room, the big window had a roll down window covering and the window above the sink had...nothing.
Bakers rack that we've toted around from house to house fit perfectly in that space. Glad I kept it!
More *updated* pictures to stay tuned!

Utility Room

Ok, so I admit...I am IN LOVE with my new utility room BUT it does need some a lot of work. How can you go wrong will all this space though really?! The amount of storage is heavenly. I would like to paint the cupboards white and replace the countertops, paint the green wall some other color, and replace the flooring more than anything. I also saw an idea on pinterest, where someone took pallets and placed them under their washer/dryer. I'm thinking we could do that too, for cheap!
We replaced the window coverings right away, before moving in. This room has a total of 3 windows. One window had a sheet, used as a curtain. The big window had a big rolling shade (I don't even know what they are to google that in a minute) but it was in the house for years so that had to come down right away. I found these big wooden blinds at Goodwill, still in the box for $9.99 each. Yes, that's right...$9.99! I LOVE finding good deals. As a matter of fact, thrifting is my true passion in life. Mike cut the blinds down using his own table saw. Total cost on window coverings for this room was $40 plus tax :) Woot Woot!

Monday, November 28, 2011

So, I picked out this one...

Canon DSLR Rebel T2i ...and I LOVE IT! I really need to take the time to figure it out more but there are so many things that I love about it already. It was on sale at Costco on Saturday ($150 instant rebate). The hubby approved of it, as well. He's so good to me :)

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Decorating for the Holidays!

Although I was feeling a little under the weather today, I came home from feeding the cows this morning and had the grand idea of taking all the Christmas stuff down from the attic and decorating. Sooo, we turned on some XM radio ( Holidays & Happenings channel, of course)  and went to town....and it took all day! With two boys (under the age of 3), everything takes ALL day ;)
So, here's one picture that I took before the J-O-Y (that I so delicately cut out, spray painted and super glued onto my candles) got ripped off by one little tot...which happened almost immediately. However, the stockings are still hung and only missing a couple parts & pieces. *sigh*

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Why I need a new camera...

Reason 1. My camera has been dropped one too many times
Reason 2. Every picture turns our blurry.
Reason 3. When reviewing the pictures, it suddenly shuts down with an E 32 (or whatever) flashing on the screen 
....Well, yeah, you get the picture (no pun intended) This momma is buying herself a new camera for Christmas! Merry Christmas to me...

This picture was taken at my friends wedding. We looked great, in my humble opinion, but you can't really tell because every picture turned out blurry. Renee made  a beautful bride as well but..

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Inexpensive Halloween Decor

Purchased materials:
Black Spray Paint
Orange Spray Paint

materials on hand: hay bale, green bucket, large cardboard box to make stencils (eyes, nose, mouth)

Monday, September 12, 2011

The Big Move

The "Mike & Aimee Uhlenkott" rock is planted...CHEERS to new beginnings!
 Soooo, we've decided to move...AGAIN! Yes, I am officially insane. Four kids, two moves in less than 3 months and it's the middle of Harvest for my hubby, which means he is working 12+ hours, 7 days a week. If I haven't totally lost my mind by now, it's bound to happen soon.
We have an opportunity to move into the house that my husband's grandparents (his Dads parents) originally "homesteaded" :// I find is really interesting all in itself.
As you can imagine, I am having a hay day with our new house. I love, love, love it! It IS old and needs some work, but has a lot of potential. I can't wait to get started on all the projects....and with the help of
...the ideas are just TURNING!
So here are some projects that need to be done ASAP...
1. Paint Ryder's room. Right now it has 2 walls that are a taupe color and 2 walls that are bright purple. So not ok with lil Ryder Roo.
2. Paint Easton's room. The "theme" in his nursery is brown & blue polka dots so the main colors are brown, blue, and white. The current wall color is red...bright red!
Ok, so that's a start and needless to say, I am very much looking forward to sharing ALL my ideas and adventures with YOU! So, let's do this! :)